Sara Roldan

Co-Founder & Director of Intercultural communication

Ms. Roldan is the Lab Manager of the Forensic Lab at SDSU. As well as a  Co-Founder and Director  of intercultural communication at the Palimpsest Aurora Consortium whose mission is to educate and train law enforcement personnel and the public to mitigate the strain of mental illness, disabilities, and minority status on community policing.  

The unifying themes across  Ms. Roldan  career are inclusion, intercultural communication, mental health, and resiliency. The focus of her interest is in education as an opportunity to engage communities in productive critical dialogue about sustainability, building resiliency, and adaptability practices to train others, especially community support members to make right choices.

Ms.Roldan is a  Doctoral Candidate ( Psy.D.) Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology  her. She began teaching inclusion  and  diversity at YMCA, Harmonium, Vista Hill. As a Master student of  Homeland Security  she focus her studies in inclusion and Mental health as an immigrant/ and disable person she has a unique perspective on inclusion/diversity, improving risk assessments, and what communities can do to support the people with  invisible  disabilities in their communities.