Dr. Katherine Turner

Director and Co-Founder

Dr. Turner is the Director of Research for Makingrightchoices.com. As well as a  Co-Founder and Director of the Palimpsest Aurora Consortium whose mission is to educate and train law enforcement personnel and the public to mitigate the strain of mental illness, disabilities, and minority status on community policing.  

Dr. Turner believes in using evidence-based practices to train others, especially community support members to make right choices. Dr. Turner has her Doctoral degrees in Developmental Psychology from Stanford University. She also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in brain imaging in populations with known psychopathologies at SDSU. She began teaching at the California School for Forensic Studies in 2013.  Since 2015 she has taught forensic psychology at SDSU.  As the niece and granddaughter of law enforcement personnel and as an immigrant she has a unique perspective on law enforcement safety, improving risk assessments, and what communities can do to support the police in their communities. 

 In addition to Forensics, Dr. Turner has taught a wide variety of classes including clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, multicultural treatment, and developmental psychopathology. She is also the Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising and Programs in Psychology at SDSU. Dr. Turner believes that well-executed research enables others to identify strategies that may serve to help both the individual and the communities in which they live to create healthy boundaries and strong enriching environments and increase positive community police interactions.